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Seven winter essentials to prevent car cold day "frostbite"

Author:   Source:   Update: Sep 18, 2018

One of the essential winter supplies: plus cotton car clothes

In summer, we use ordinary car suits in order to prevent sun exposure and rain corrosion paint, and winter with cotton car clothes, car insulation, anti-theft, fire retardant can also play a role.

Recommended reason: In some areas, temperatures are lower in winter and even in Beijing with four seasons, it reaches minus 15 degrees Celsius. At such temperatures, it is more difficult to start the car. You can do it yourself, put on a warm coat for the car, through the test, the insulation effect can reach 3-4 degrees higher than the outside temperature.

Choose to buy: The general increase in cotton clothing prices in the 80-300 per month, choose to add cotton clothing outer layer of high-grade nano-materials or the use of gold material, the inner layer is a high degree of softness PU material, built-in excellent flame retardant effect of pure cotton.

Winter essential supplies two: frost glass water

The difference between winter and summer is that in summer no matter what brand of glass water temperature will not be frozen, and winter if the use of summer glass of water, then there will be ice problems. As a result, the automobile glass can not be cleaned, and the motor and glass water storage tank will be frozen and damaged.

Recommended reason: To the lowest temperature in winter to choose antifreeze glass water, for example, the minimum temperature in Beijing has reached minus 15 degrees, then select the glass water temperature, at least 25 degrees below zero, then the colder temperatures such as Mohe, temperatures below minus 30 degrees and below , It is necessary to use minus 35 degrees and below the glass of water to prevent being frozen.

Choose to buy: Frost glass water prices are generally between 15-30 yuan. First of all, we have to decide the type of glass water according to the temperature of the weather. Under normal circumstances, we should give more temperature. For example, minus 15 degrees Celsius, then we should buy glass water below -20 degrees and below, if you buy glass water at the same temperature, is likely to freeze phenomenon.

Winter essential supplies three: snow tires

Not all cars need to be replaced snow tires. Snow tires are often less useful for vehicles that are often driven in urban areas, but snow tires are important for drivers who do not have driving experience on ice and snow, have special needs and drive after driving.

Recommended reason: Snow tires in the cold areas and snow, not only to ensure vehicle safety, but also has good handling and braking performance. For all winter is winter, the snow tire is the best choice.

Choose to buy: The general set of snow tires in the price of 2000-3000 yuan, special high-density tread rubber, wear-resistant and not easy to smash, add a certain amount of silicon to ensure that the maximum ground area, the skid resistance Play to the maximum.

Four essential winter supplies: snow shovel, light shovel

Winter, due to snow, frost and other reasons, the car windshield ice will affect the visibility, clear up more trouble. Car windshield dedicated snow shovel can easily solve this problem. Lightweight shovels excavate snow and dirt when the tires are covered in snow and ice.

Recommended reason: In the snow after the weather, with its open hot air, melt the snow affected vision, might as well bring a snow shovel to convenience. If the car is buried in the snow, then a light shovel will be your life-saving straw. With them in the winter for your escort, there really is nothing to worry about.

Choose to buy: the price of snow shovel in a few dollars, the price of light shovels about 20 yuan, are cheaper. The purchase of them and fire extinguishers together, neither occupy the place, but also to provide you with convenience.

Five essential winter supplies: winter cushion

Driving in winter, if the car does not have seat heating, presumably owners have already purchased winter cushions. Otherwise, driving each time is a challenge. Therefore, the installation of winter cushions in cold winter has become the most effective way to improve the status quo.

Recommended reason: the cold winter, in the cold leather seats, we need a winter cushion, it can bring warmth to the owner, but also have a good driving mood.

Choose to buy: In the market, the variety of cushion in winter, the price is very different from three to five hundred to three five thousand. In our purchase of safety to be on the first place, so to choose the material can fit inside the seat surface and does not slip.

Six essential winter supplies: antifreeze

Antifreeze is a coolant containing special additives, mainly used for engine cooling system, antifreeze winter with antifreeze, anti boil summer, annual scale, anti-corrosion and other functions. Antifreeze should be used throughout the year, antifreeze should be replaced when the net old liquid to avoid mixing different brands of antifreeze.

Recommended reason: the winter night may reach minus a few degrees or tens of degrees. Want to make the engine ready to start at any time depends on antifreeze. It can ensure the engine to work at low temperatures.

Choose to buy: antifreeze in the price of 50 yuan. Antifreeze freezing point is one of the most important indicators of antifreeze, antifreeze can freeze the important conditions. The lower the freezing point, the higher the boiling point, the larger the temperature difference, the better the antifreeze quality. At the same time also pay attention to different brands do not mix.

Seven essential winter supplies: anti-fog agent

Winter driving, due to the very few open the window ventilation, leading to greater temperature difference between inside and outside the car, so that windshield covered with fog, it is likely to affect the driver's line of sight. Therefore, in winter, owners can spray some special anti-fogging agent on the windshield to get the best sight during driving.

Recommended reason: If the windshield fog, blocking the driver's line of sight, is likely to cause traffic accidents. If we use anti-fog agent, can form a transparent protective film on the glass, can effectively prevent the condensation of water vapor in the glass to form a mist layer. This should be a good way to avoid the problems caused by the fog.

Choose to buy: the price of anti-fog agent in a few dollars to tens of dollars. It is flammable and should only be used in a well-ventilated area. Avoid direct sunlight, close to fire or heat source. Store in a cool place below 50 ℃. Do not inhale aerosol when using it. This product can cause drowsiness or dizziness.

Summary: In winter, everyone in warm clothing for yourself to do Wanquan preparation, but also think about how to prepare for the winter driving love. This is also a protection for you on the go. While you are aiming for the love of driving, be careful not to overlook the safety issue. Reasonable decoration, talent is truly warm themselves.
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